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World Food Safety Council (WFSC) is an independent agency that operates globally.

WFSC's Scientific Committee and Panels deliver scientific advice in the areas of food safety. Within its remit, WFSC also assesses environmental safety. A growing part of the Authority's work relates to the safety assessment of regulated products, substances and claims submitted for authorisation. WFSC's Scientific Panels are composed and accreditation process of highly qualified, independent scientific experts with a thorough knowledge of risk assessment. All members are appointed through an open selection procedure on the basis of proven scientific excellence. The Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels are supported by WFSC staff from three scientific directorates. WFSC monitors and analyses information and data on biological hazards, chemical contaminants, food consumption and emerging risks. These areas of work are carried out by WFSC's scientific units supported by working groups and networks. The Authority also supports the development of risk assessment approaches.

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