Use of Mark

  1. WFSC logo should not be used to mislead or misrepresent the actual scope or scheme of accreditation.

  2. The registration number should appear at the bottom of the logo.

  3. The logo should be used in the actual format, dimensions, specifications and also colours of the actual mark.

  4. Accreditation shall not be mentioned, implied or suggested for non accredited activities, in particular

  5. An accredited body shall upon suspension, including partial suspension, immediately cease to issue reports, certificates or labels bearing the mark or full-text reference to accreditation, as well as any document directly associated to its accreditation.

  6. However WFSC may enable a body whose accreditation has been suspended to use letterheads or documents bearing the mark or full-text reference to accreditation under conditions and within a period duly specified by WFSC.

  7. Upon termination of accreditation, the accredited body shall immediately stop publishing any kind of document bearing the mark or full-text reference to accreditation.

  8. Upon termination of accreditation the accredited body shall make arrangements concerning WFSC mark use or reference by customers of those bodies.

  9. A Certification body that retains accreditation for only part of its activities may use the mark or make reference to accreditation provided there is no misunderstandings as to which field has been accredited.

  10. Whenever a body is composed of numerous sites among which at least one has not been granted accreditation, only those accredited sites shall make reference to accreditation or use the mark. When a common document is issued, a disclaimer printed close to the mark shall state for instance. List of accredited sites and scopes available upon request.

  11. Whenever a subsidiary that belongs to a group has been accredited, presently there shall not be any kind of misunderstandings as to which part of the group holds accreditation. Communication shall not suggest other subsidiaries have been accredited. Whenever a common document is to be issued, the list of the actual accredited bodies shall be incorporated.

  12. When used on commercial documents such as quotations or proposals (including the associated stationery) related to services which do not drop into the body's accreditation, it shall be clearly and unambiguously identified which services are accredited.

  13. The rules shall not permit either use of the mark or full-text reference to accreditation on business cards held by the accredited body's staff.

  14. Subject to conditions mentioned within this document, the use of the mark on items other than those described in this document is not discouraged. The accredited body shall then seek approval WFSC preceding to any release.

  15. The use or representation of the WFSC mark should not be used in such a way as to state, imply or recommend that, If a quotation or other commercial or publicity documents concerning exclusively non accredited services is to be printed on letterhead bearing the mark, it shall contain a disclaimer, effortless to read, stating for instance this quotation concerns services which do not fall into accreditation. Letters to be printed on letterhead bearing the mark and going along with reports or certificates that contains no accredited results shall include a disclaimer stating for instance. Attached results are not covered by accreditation

  16. WFSC accepts responsibility for the accuracy of test, calibration or inspection results or certification decisions covered by accreditation. Approves a calibrated instrument, test or inspection item or product, or that suggests product approval by the WFSC

  17. The mark shall not be included in reports or certificates containing no accredited results. Neither shall such reports or certificates present any reference to the accreditation status.

  18. For the mark to be used, calibration certificates shall include a majority of accredited results. All non accredited results shall be obviously identified as such.

  19. The accredited body shall not use calibration labels containing WFSC mark to equipment which have been calibrated under the accredited scope.

  20. When making use of the mark on testing or inspection reports containing any non-accredited results, accredited bodies shall include on the cover page a disclaimer printed close to the mark, stating clearly which tests and inspections are accredited. This disclaimer should be completely readable. In addition, accredited results shall be clearly identified in the report.

  21. An accredited body, like laboratory, is likely to issue reports incorporating the mark and containing opinions, interpretations or other material relevant to investigational activities. When such statements are outside the scope of accreditation, the report or certificate shall include, close to the mark or to the expression of opinion, a disclaimer such as : The opinions/ interpretations indicated in this report tend to be outside the scope of this body's accreditation.

  22. An accredited body, like a laboratory, which holds accreditation for site calibration/testing shall use the mark in the same way as for calibration/testing carried out in a permanent laboratory. Requirements for use of the mark shall apply in the same way.

  23. For a management system certificate or other certification document to be regarded as accredited, it shall be issued by a certification body in compliance with the conditions of its accreditation and unambiguously determine the accreditation body and the issuing certification body

  24. Use of the mark should be strictly limited to the activity certified by the certification body under its accreditation. The mark shall be viewable only in combination along with the certification body's logo.

  25. When a certification body certifies a laboratory's quality system, be it accredited or not, it shall not enable the laboratory to use its mark on testing/inspection reports or calibration certificates as such reports/certificates are considered as products in this context.

  26. Reference to accreditation through management system certification shall not infer any accredited product certification. The certified body shall not affix the mark on the products or any of their packages.

  27. In case of management system certification in the field of the services, the mark shall not be used on any associated product.

  28. In case of accredited product certification the use of the mark on products shall be optional. If such an option exists. The mark shall be affixed on the product itself or its related packaging and must be in combination with the certification body's logo.

  29. In case of an accredited laboratory's services, clients of accredited laboratories should be permitted to reproduce calibration certificates or tests reports partially only with prior authorization of the issuing laboratory.

  30. In case of improper use of the mark, WFSC may initiate sanctions and take whatever measures it deems suit including and not limited to legal sanctions under copyright or fair trading laws may be considered.
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